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Daniele Barresi World Champion 2013

Daniele Barresi, a former student of the IPALB TUR of Villa San Giovanni, who won, with a score never attributed to previous editions, on November 13th, the first "Art of Art Award 2013" for the professional category in the 2nd International Review "Italian Style 2013", on November 27, won the gold medal at the World Championship held

in Basel.

The contest involved professionals from the catering industry from all over the world who appreciated the ASIAN FANTASY work by Daniele with Thai technology. It is a series of food sculptures with the possibility of use as a decorative element of buffet and showcase.

The jury - made up of experts from Singapore, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Canada, Africa, Switzerland Germany, Italy - appreciated and appreciated the level of difficulty of the work, the particular technique of execution, originality, art and the professional skill is unusual if we consider the age of the young artist as well.

Daniele Barresi, was born in Scilla on August 11, 1990, lives a Bagnara Calabra.

Since being a little inclined to art, he completed his compulsory school, he enrolled in high school art but for family reasons he did not have the opportunity to finish his studies and after 5 years of absence from the world he enrolled in the IPALB. TUR of Villa San Giovanni, a school that allows to value his passions: cuisine and art

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