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On 22/08/2015, the world-wide carving competition was held in Taipei (Taiwan), organized by the government itself.

As in any world event, the jury comes from several countries around the world, including Italy: to represent the tricolor flag in Taiwan, was Daniele Barresi.

The competition concerns' only and exclusively the carving (Wide Art in Asia); the jury was present at the press conference

held on 20/08/2015 where each of them had to present, through various works, his own style and point of view of the carving, where he also held a presentation of "Show-Carving" in which the members of the jury were interviewed by newspaper headlines and local TV.

As already mentioned, the great event took place on 22/08/2015 and was divided into 2 major categories, including more than 300 participants: Professional and Students category.

The judges had to give their votes respecting various parameters:

- Hygiene,

- Manual with the knife,

- Creativity',

- Difficulty of the technique.

At the end of the competition, the judges were given a diploma for their commitment by the government itself.

Daniele Barresi's thinking is: "It was a great experience, besides a series of satisfactions that invaded me during those days, I felt at home thanks to the hospitality and hospitality I received. I also found that I was well known and appreciated in Taiwan, and I am proud of this, as I admire and love their art.

It was also a beautiful experience we had the honor and pleasure of knowing the various components of the country's government and being able to exchange views and thoughts with them at the table.

Hope for this to come back to living this fantastic experience in Taiwan. Thank you Taiwan! ".

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