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Daniele Barresi World Champion 2014

Culinary World Cup – Villeroy & Boch – Exogast Luxembourg

On November 26, 2013, Daniele Barresi decided to take part in the Basel World Championship at Salon Culinaire Mondial - IGHEO BASEL - Awarding the gold medal in D1 category (Artistic) with the work FANTASIA ASIATICA

Exactly one year later, On November 26, 2014, he also decided to take part in the world cup of cooking at EXPOGAST in Luxembourg. The competition involved professionals from the catering sector from all over the world who appreciated the work of Nature Asia created by Daniel with thai technique. It is a series of food sculptures with the possibility of use as a decorative element of buffets and showcases.

The jury - made up of experts from Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Canada, Africa, Switzerland, Germany, Italy - evaluated and appreciated the level of difficulty of the work, the particular execution technique, the originality 'artistic effect as well as Barons' unusual professional skills despite his young age rewarding him for the second time with a gold medal

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