Easy Crystals


Easy Crystals Mould are finally in stock. Make tousands and tousands of crystals to create amazing geode art and more. Each crystal has been hand carved by the carving designer Daniele Barres and made into silicone moulds. They come in 2 size: - The large one which allow you to make up to 140 crystals in one go, perfect if you make lots and large geode art. - The small version which allow you to make up to 55 crystals. Useful to make ahead crystals with your leftover resin. Please allow up to a week to Daniele to carve/create your mould (we make your mould after you have ordered it) - Shipping worldwide, Flat rate shipping for all products Suggestions: sprinkle some Crystal white fine dust glitter (no holographic) once you have applied the crystals on your geode art, to give a masmerizing mineral effect.

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