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                                     LOCATION SYDNEY (NSW)

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Fruit Platter

What it would do for the most important day of your life?

If you're thinking of doing something you've never seen until now in an event, Daniele Barresi offers a range of fruit platters that will impress all your guests, including you of course!

A series of colors wedged between them with various fruits, cut strictly perfect emanating light and love which enchant will look at them.

  • This service is sold based on the number of people you have to serve.

  • Each platter is created under the imagination of the designer, is also recommended to leave the designer choosing the fruit in order to get a striking contrast of colors.

  • Price per person $ 10,00

  • Three size of platters available:

      - Big Black Mirror ​22"x14" (It serves between 25 and 35 people)

      - Medium Black Mirror 21"x12 (It serves between 15 and 25 people)

      - Small wood boat 23"X 7"(It serves between 10 and 15 people)

  • Minimum number, 1 fruit platter (minimum of person 10)

  • Each platter contain they own carved decoration (See pictures below)

  • Platter provided (Same to the pictures below) from us with an additional cost of $ 40,00 (Plus $ 60,00 deposit, returned to the customer once delivered the platter back)

  • Delivery and collection platter in Sydney $ 50,00.

  • For a big party, please contact me by clicking HERE to figure out the best option 


Custom Artworks

Get an idea from our customized platter and let us know what you prefer best