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                                     LOCATION SYDNEY (NSW)

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Big Size

This category includes watermelons, pumpkins and all the fruit that exceed 6 kg.These allow the designer to vent all the fantasy and match flowers and other details in one piece.

The larger pieces are very striking and fascinating, to make the unique and magical atmosphere.

  • Sculpting in them a phoenix, wolf or any 3D animal might be additional costs.

  • Minimum of order, 3 pieces in total.


  • Each piece is customizable, meaning that you can choose to carve your name or, 

       for example, to draw a Disney character. (Might be additional costs)

  • Single 360° sculptures are even included on the big size (bird, snake, phoenix, fish).


  • For any Information regarding customization prices, contact the designer by clicking here.


  • To place an order read the page dedicated to the PROCESS.

Custom Artworks

Choose from customized artworks or let me know what style you prefer best to make one similar.